Om Bhur Bhuvah Svah Tatsaviturvarenyam Bhargo Devasyadhimahi
Dhiyo Yo Nah Pracodayat

Welcome to Oxford Hindu Temple & Community Centre

Of all the major faiths of the World Hinduism is the only one not to have a place for Communal Worship in Oxfordshire. In the 2011 UK Census Oxfordshire had almost 3800 people who had declared themselves as Hindus; almost 10 years on the number is estimated to be close to 10000 !

The Hindu families newly resident in the City and the County want to practise their religion as they very recently did in India. Sadly the lack of a Hindu Temple in Oxfordshire deprives them and the longer established Hindus.

The older generation of Hindus also find it more and more difficult to go long distances - London, Birmingham etc.- to visit a temple for worship. Moreover a Community Centre would provide them a central meeting place. For the younger generation a Centre would

Notice Board

8th March (Sunday) - Oxford Holi Festival

18th April (10am-12pm) - Mixing Matters (Visit to the Museum of Oxford)

25th April (10am-12pm) - Mixing Matters (My food object: sharing our stories)

16th May (10am-12pm) - Mixing Matters (My food memories: making an art piece)

30th May (10am-12pm) - Mixing Matters (Friendship Feast: cooking and eating together)
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Our Aim
  • monthly Communal Prayers
  • Hindu festival Celebrations and
  • Fun-filled events celebrating Hindu Culture; events that involve all sections of the Community within Oxfordshire; every year we celebrate Holi, Summer Mela and Diwali
  • To build & maintain a Temple & Community Centre in Oxford,
  • To provide a meeting place geared towards enhancing Spiritual, cultural, social and physical growth based on Hindu principles of duty towards family and society.
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