Om Bhur Bhuvah Svah Tatsaviturvarenyam Bhargo Devasyadhimahi
Dhiyo Yo Nah Pracodayat

Welcome to Oxford Hindu Temple & Community Centre

The growing Hindu Community in Oxford and the County finds there is no place where Hindu culture can be celebrated, learnt and shared with the widely diverse communities in Oxfordshire. In the 2011 UK Census Oxfordshire had almost 3800 people who had declared themselves as Hindus; almost 10 years on the number is estimated to be close to10000 !

The Hindu families newly resident in the City and the County want to celebrate the cultural and spiritual events in the yearly Hindu Calendar. Thus to familiarise their young families with and project their established culture to ther rest fo Oxfordshire.

The first generation of Hindu migrant in the County miss a central place where they can mix with and reminisce with their old friends form their own community and friends from the wider community. A Community Centre would provide them just such a meeting place. They also find it more and more difficult to go long distances - London, Birmingham etc.- to visit a temple for worship.
Such a community centre would be a focal point for indoor activity for the the younger (third generation) members.

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Our Aim
  • Fun-filled events celebrating Hindu Culture; events that involve all sections of the Community within Oxfordshire; every year we celebrate Holi, Summer Mela and Diwali
  • Hindu festival Celebrations and
  • monthly Communal Prayers
  • To provide a meeting place geared towards enhancing Spiritual, cultural, social and physical growth based on Hindu principles of duty towards family and society.
  • To build & maintain a Temple & Community Centre in Oxford,
Donate to make an Oxford Hindu Community Centre a Reality in oxfordshire of two ways:
1 - Single Donation
2 - Regular (Monthly) Donations

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